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Welcome to Mudspike!

Our goal here is primarily to have fun while sharing our interests in computer simulations of all types with a wider audience. If we aren’t having fun, the site will cease to exist. If you don’t have fun, then the site will continue to exist, but we’ll just be talking to ourselves. Our previews, reviews, blogs, opinion pieces, and AARs are the sole creation of the authors that write them, and they will never be edited or altered by the site administrator except for atrocsious atrociuous obvious spelling errors. Content creation will be at the discretion of the writers – there will be no assignments or deadlines. As such, we will cover a broad spectrum of simulation, hardware, and software topics, some popular, some not so popular. We may be timely in our coverage of new releases, or we may not cover them at all. The site is fully funded by the site administrator and I’ll be honest in sharing my dream that we could someday become the “Consumer Reports” of simulation news, funded by donations from readers that feel the content is worth supporting. We hope that you find value in the content we create.

While we plan to launch with a small message board section, the forums will not be our focus and we do not intend to compete with more popular sites that feature expansive and active forums. We want to write and share – we don’t want to be wardens. More details on forum rules and expected courtesies will be posted in the forums.

Should you encounter any problems with site features, have suggestions, criticisms, comments, or feedback, our door is always open and we can be contacted at: [email protected]

We hope you enjoy the site.

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Chris “BeachAV8R” Frishmuth:  HERE

Erik “EinsteinEP” Pierce: HERE



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