AH-64D – Tarnished Gold Campaign AAR

This campaign series was originally flown back in mid-2014, but it is worth posting for those that missed it. In all my years of flying PC sims, this campaign was one of the most cohesive and well thought out and briefed of any I’ve experienced. It is flown in Arma 2 with the incredible AH-64D mod by Nodunit & Franze: LINK!

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Some gameplay video showing Nodunit & Franze’s AH-64D and some mission footage from Tarnished Gold


  1. What an epic adventure! And not just the length of the AAR ;), this really looked like a great series of missions!

    And, what great visuals in this sim! the terrain, weapons, explosions, fires, smoke, etc. Beautiful, really.

    That AH-64D looks sweet, but unfortunately, I’m not sure I’d want to touch it without the updated helo dynamics model. Too much disappointment so far with that route. I’ve just gotten so spoiled with my other hi-fi helo sim! Hopefully that’s in the works.

    It is *great* to see developers finally going drilling down a few levels of detail in vehicle systems,. I hope this is the start of a wonderful new trend.

    Those outakes were nice, too. Glad to know even The Beach gets shot down every once in a while!

    I love the dynamic missions – where your actions change the outcome (NOT taking out those Mi-8s at the airport, the change in drop point for thaT AN-2, etc.). This is brilliant and adds a lot of replay value to a mission. MOAR PLS

    I second your wish that BIS recruits more folks with this kind of talent, or at least rewards them in some way. We could use more content like this!


  2. This is an amazing write up. It makes ARMA look like a different game. It’s amazing what a talented community can accomplish with that engine.

  3. Fantastic storyarc Beach. man. It would be nice to see those kind of trees in DCS. Even in 2.0, the trees look very artificial and small. ED need to learn about density and tricks with rendering forests properly from ARMA or Outerra.

  4. This made me reinstall arma2 and port the content to 3 to find similar missions that work on the newest engine.

    Really loving the Apache in arma3 playing co-op with my bro flying and me delivering the goods, so to speak, through a dynamic mission.

    Once DCS 2.0 hits and adds multi seat coop multiplayer, I’ll be like a pig in the brown stuff. Just need dynamic campaigns and missions on the cards lol

    Ask much?

    P.s. loving the new site

  5. Is this working with the Steam version? It is telling me 1.6 is required and the steam version is 1.11

    1. This requires Operation Arrowhead I believe. I may be wrong.

      If you install it on steam and choose the beta branch you’ll be at v1.63

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