DCS: McCarren International Airport Tour

Matt Wagner, Executive Producer for Eagle Dynamics, shares a video of an aerial tour of McCarren International Airport in the upcoming Nevada Test and Training Range map and DCS World 2.

As the ever present “when” question… we estimate between March and June 2015.

You can join the discussion in Mudspike’s Hangar.


    1. Ah, sorry Wags – we had just assumed this was just some testing without collision detection enabled? 😉

      Nice trimming though – like the F15C flight, rock steady down low.

  1. I certainly enjoyed the tour because I’ve never been to Nevada before. However, I would like to see what it all looks like in our beloved DCS. Reality is nice and all, but what will it look like when it is flown in DCS?

    What? That WAS DCS??????

  2. Every video is new if you haven’t yet seen it! Great flying, Wags.

    I noticed that you weren’t flying with mirrors on. Are mirrors still a resource hog even in the new engine?

  3. Beeeeuatiful! the only difference between it and reality – the lack of SouthWest Airlines on the tarmac. Gorgeous scenery – cannot wait!

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