DCS: MiG-15bis Landing Tutorial Video

It may be Monday morning, so to help with that, here’s a nice preview of the DCS MiG-15bis Landing Tutorial using EDGE at the NTTR map.

Love those wing posts!


Thanks to “Wags” for the video. Here’s the details:

This is a tutorial of how to land the MiG-15bis. This video is recorded using unreleased, work-in-progress builds of DCS: MiG-15bis, DCS World 2, and the NTTR map.

Pre-Order at:http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/mig15bis/


  1. I am *so* excited for the MiG-15bis – such an iconic piece of jet fighter history, and it just looks so beautiful, inside and out.

    The fact that Belsimtek has been doing a fantastic job with DCS modules isn’t hurting my enthusiasm, either!

  2. Yeah, it is looking so beautiful! Going to be some fun time conducting dogfight sessions online with the community. It will feel so different; not quite WW2, not quite modern jet fighting with missile tactics, totally different feel. Be curious to see what theater does come out catering to both this plane and the Sabre.

    1. Does it feel a bit lighter or nimble?

      I do like the Sabre, and looking forward to getting the gang together (a quick snap from the Seattle Air & Space):

  3. I bought the Mig 15 for my Birthday so I am hoping it is out on the 9th, hint, hint. I am looking forward to driving the Mig. For some reason the Russian fighters have always peeked my interest. Can’t wait, it sure looks fantastic.

  4. Yeah, damn DCS, up until I first tried DCS F-86, I had little to no interest in Korea era aircraft, now I cant get enough of these early jets *shakes fist in the air*

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