Mudspike Rise of Flight Fly-In: June 4-5

Mudspikers are taking to the air in another Fly-In: this time, in their World War I kites in Rise of Flight.

into the fight
The original furball.

Just like all Mudspike Fly-In events, participation is free and open to all levels of skill, experience, and confidence.

To join the fun, you will need a FREE copy of Rise of Flight. Slots should be available for just about every aircraft. DLC like the Channel Map should not be necessary, but we can find an available mission, if the interest is there.

Although not required, voice comms are strongly recommended. Log in to the Mudspike Teamspeak 3 server to join in the fun!

cruising in
“Here comes the Hun, doo-doo-doo-dooooo-doo,…”

There are no sign-ups, no assessment tests, no fees, no required modules, no required modifications. Just join up and enjoy!

If you’ve been putting off playing multiplayer because it’s just too daunting, or if you’ve been longing to practice tactical formations or advanced BFM with a human instead of robotic AI, now is the time!

Here’s just a snippet of what you missed last time:

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On June 4th and 5th, dial into our Teamspeak 3 server, log in to a Mudspike Rise of Flight World Fly-In server, and say hello!

More details will made be available in our forums here.