Welcome to MUDSPIKE!

Welcome to MUDSPIKE!

You can read a bit more about our contributors and site philosophy on the ABOUT US page.

We are a group of like-minded sim enthusiasts that wanted to come together to share some of our thoughts on the hobby we love. Some of us have been simmers for many decades and we continue to be astonished at the evolution of simulation software and hardware. We are the type of individuals that enjoy sitting down with our PC or tablet in the morning and indulging in a cup of coffee and a nice read. While the world around us continues to evolve into ever shorter and more staccato methods of information delivery (140 characters or less please!), we believe there are still people out there that want to slow down a bit and savor the experience for a few minutes. We might not be the first. Or the fastest. Or the necessarily the best. But we are fans of the simulation genre and we are happy to roll out MUDSPIKE to those that want to carve out a few moments of their day to take in our content.

Thank you for visiting us and we hope you will return frequently as our articles and blogs expand.

Chris “BeachAV8R” Frishmuth (owner)



  1. Hi. It’s great to see this page. Very clear design and right in the beginning a lot of great news. Keep it up and good luck!

  2. Nice work BeachAV8R ,

    I hope it will be everything you want and brings a positive spin for the community, which is sometimes lacking in other sites.

  3. Oh wow Beach, nice effort. If you need help here, let me know.
    I used to run FlightSimCommunity | newsportal but had to take it offline due to work. But this here effort and initiative makes my heart go faster.

    Great lay-out, and I see good connections in the flightsim scene. Nice.
    Keep it up.

    Jan “Ice” Hilt

    87th Stray Dogs
    LowLand Tiger Meet | flightsim events
    Former owners of FlightSimCommunity | newsportal

  4. Nice to see such a (newish) slick site dedicated to Flight simming.
    I was directed here from the NZ Flight Simming blog.. thought I’d say hi.

    Will be looking for a review of IL2: Cliffs of Dover if you are able. Since recent modding, the game is (in my opinoin) the best Warbirds combat-sim out there.

    1. Thanks for stopping in! One of my co-writers at PC Pilot is from NZ I believe. He’s always going on about sheep.

      Good suggestion on the CoD review. It sounds like it has evolved quite nicely. I’ll put it on our TO DO list!

  5. I am so happy to see this website and know there are dedicated people still willing to toil in that labor of love that is sim building. The NTTR video is absolutely jaw dropping; I posted it on FB so that many others can see the beauty of this and perhaps even join the fun!

    1. Thanks for the nice comment Radar Power! – welcome to the site. I agree, it is really nice to see sims flourishing in this day and age (FSX, X-Plane, DCS, RoF, BoS, etc..) There really are a lot of choices for simmers and I find that locating content isn’t the difficulty – it is finding the time to play it (and become good at it). NTTR really is beautiful looking. If I never drop a bomb or shoot a gun on that map it will still be awesome to just fly around it. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back through on occasion…

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